Pyramid offers a number of commercial real estate services, including:

Appraisal Services

The purpose of an appraisal report is to provide a credible and objective third-party opinion of value.

Following is a partial list of the intended uses of the appraisal reports we provide:

  • Acquisition & dispositions
  • Mortgage financing
  • Estate planning (current or retrospective)
  • Litigation support
  • Tax appeals
  • Appraisal review
  • Farmland conservation
  • Foreclosure and bankruptcy
  • Partnership disputes & equitable distribution

The Appraisal Foundation requires appraisers to be licensed in states in which they perform appraisal services. The management team and staff at Pyramid are licensed in all states in which they perform these services. The company maintains a strict policy that ensures all of the work performed adheres to requirements set forth by the The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) adopted by the The Appraisal Foundation, and the Code of Ethics of the Appraisal Institute.

Prior to the commencement of our services, we carefully consider the needs of the client so that we can determine the appropriate methodologies and scope to allow us to provide the most accurate and appropriate appraisal report.

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The Appraisal Foundation requires appraisers to be licensed in states in which they perform appraisal services. Our management team and staff are licensed in all states in which we perform these services.

Consulting Services & Reports

Clients often find themselves at a crossroads with regard to a real estate decision or a dispute with a partner, landlord, or tenant. We are adept in offering a wide range of consulting services beyond the traditional appraisal assignment. These assignments include:

  • Market and Marketability Analysis
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Lease abstracts & analysis
  • Market rent studies
  • Transaction counseling
  • Investment Analysis

Market and marketability analysis looks at a potential development prior to the commencement of the project

Feasibility analysis analyzes a project from it financial perspective

Lease abstract and analysis provides an objective third-party interpretation of the lease

Market rent studies are performed when a third-party opinion of rental value is needed.

Transaction counseling provides an analysis of the transaction subsequent to the contract of sale but prior to the transfer of ownership

Investment analysis goes beyond market value and analyzes a particular asset from the eyes of a particular investor and their return on investment.

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